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[Book Cover Image]The Dog Who Rescues Cats

by Philip Gonzalez & Leonore Fleischer

A true story about a truly remarkable dog who always finds cats
in distress to rescue. The author lost all interest in living
after an industrial accident left him disabled. A friend suggested
he adopt a dog at their local shelter. Reluctantly, he went and
found a badly abused 1 year old pup who quickly won him over.
On their first walk, Ginny immediately found a starving stray
cat and the story goes on to many more rescues. Once you start
reading this book, you won’t be able to put it down.

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[Book Cover Image]The Cat Who Came for Christmas

by Cleveland Amory

This is a great book about a cat who made a “dog man” become a
man owned by a cat. This book is a true story that makes laughing
out loud inevitable. Filled with wit and compassion, it will touch
your head, your heart and your funny bone–all at once.

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[Book Cover Image Unavailable]Cat, Thy Name is Edith

by Roz Young

A must-read book for anyone never “being owned by a cat”. This
book is a true story about an elderly lady, alone for many years
in Kettering, Ohio. She never had any intention of sharing her
home with a feline, until she met “Edith”. A 7 month old tabby
cat who melted her heart. You will be kept in suspense as to who
adopted whom? This is an excellent book for all.

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